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Greek PM pledges to fulfil bailout conditions but wants more time


Greek PM pledges to fulfil bailout conditions but wants more time

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has promised that his country will fulfil all the obligations linked to its bailout deal.

Meeting the German Chancellor in Berlin, he said Greece would deliver results but repeated that it wanted more time to breathe.

Angela Merkel said: “I want Greece to remain part of the eurozone. That concept guides me and it guides our mutual talks and negotiations, because we know: the euro isn’t just a currency. It is the idea of a unified and irreversible Europe. That’s why a common will (to resolve the crisis) is necessary.”

Merkel also said Germany would help Greece but expected words to be followed by deeds, even if results were not expected by tomorrow.

She reiterated that change was necessary and said it was wrong that only the poor should suffer, calling for those who had profited from the crisis to contribute.

Merkel insisted Germany and France agreed no decision should be taken over aid to Greece before next month’s report by the troika of international lenders.

Samaras predicted it would recognise the Greek government’s work.

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