Want some naked Royal fun? Cue Harry...

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Want some naked Royal fun? Cue Harry...

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The Queen’s unruliest grandson, Prince Harry is again in hot water after naked pictures of him appeared on the internet.

The prince was photographed wearing no more than a big grin in a Las Vegas hotel suite with an unidentified woman while on a private holiday. The internet site reported the prince as playing “strip billiards”.

So is it Dirty Harry or a poor prince hounded by the paparazzi? We put that question to people on the streets of London.

“He’s a human being, he’s entitled to do.. if he’s having a private party, if it’s in his private room or suite or whatever, he can do what he wants to do,” said one woman.

“I think he knows the sort of status that he has and what he needs to represent, so it would be a little bit careless doing something like that, you know,” said a rather less forgiving woman.

“I think he’s a little immature and is giving the Royal family a bad image, because when you look at his older brother Prince William, I mean a lot of boys idolise him, they want to be like him,” noted one young man.

On his best behaviour during the jubilee Harry will likely get a mild reprimand from his regiment, the Blues and Royals, and that will be that – until the next time. No stranger to public lapses of taste, with Harry we can be more or less sure there will be a next time.