Greek island tax evasion: Amateur footage shows local anger

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Greek island tax evasion: Amateur footage shows local anger

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The small, picturesque Greek island of Hydra is where the wealthy park their yachts and cruiseliners for the summer.

But the peace was interrupted recently when the son of a Taverna owner was arrested for tax evasion.

On Friday night, riot police were called from the mainland after an angry response from locals. Tax inspectors hid in the island’s police station.

Evgenia Sophianou, the head of the island’s hoteliers association says the whole scandal was an over-reaction:

“This has been a savage attack on our island, for no reason. A common incident of tax evasion was handled very badly by all sides.”

By nightfall more than 200 residents had gathered.
Locals even cut off the police station’s water and electricity supplies.

The story has been picked up by the international media following the release of new amateur video.

Greece is attempting to crack down on crippling tax evasion as it deals with its debt crisis.

Some analysts say incidents like this are typical of the problems Athens is facing trying to put its finances in order.