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France prepares steps to boost Roma plight

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France prepares steps to boost Roma plight


The European Commission has warned France that it expects “clear and concrete” measures to be taken to improve the plight of Roma migrants.

It follows the now yearly eviction of thousands of people living in temporary camps in cities across the country.

The situation has proved controversial within the ruling Socialist party as its leaders had said they didn’t want to move people on without them being offered alternative housing.

The government was meeting on Wednesday to discuss what action and policy changes it can make to avoid censure from the European Commission.

The very fact the subject is on the government’s agenda has been welcomed by the head of the Roma and travellers’ federation, Laurent El Ghozi.

“What we’re waiting for is real political change where instead of being seen as a security problem as under previous administrations, we have a real policy of integration of migrant populations,” he said.

It is estimated between 15,000 and 20,000 Roma live in France, most of whom come from Romania and Bulgaria.

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