Fighting goes in Syria as UN checks out

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Fighting goes in Syria as UN checks out

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The members of the United Nations observer team in Syria are packed and ready to leave the Dama Rose hotel in Damascus after four months of monitoring Kofi Annan’s failed ceasefire plan.

The mission’s mandate officially expires at midnight on Sunday. All that will be left behind in the capital is a liaison office although the UN has not said exactly what its role will be.

Meanwhile latest footage emerging from the battle-torn city of Aleppo appears to show fighting continuing.

It is claimed the video shows opposition rebels firing weapons in areas around the airport on Friday.

According to an Associated Press cameraman the Syrian army responded with helicopter gunfire and mortars.

The end of Ramadan, is a day whem Muslims the world over traditionally visit the graves of loved ones and on Sunday this year’s Eid al-Fitr took on a special poignancy in Syria.

Families gathered in the village of Sarja in Idlib province to pay respects to those killed in the 17-month rebellion against president Bashar al-Assad.

Perhaps ominously, and despite the fact that Sarja is controlled by the Free Syrian Army, villagers say they have dug out a fresh trench for graves in the event that more local people should die in the struggle.