Europe cautiously enjoys heatwave

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Europe cautiously enjoys heatwave

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The heatwave hitting much of Europe this weekend is causing French authorities to take measures to prevent people dying, as they did in 2003. Almost 15,000 people lost their lives in the first three weeks of August back then.

Now the French Ministry of Health is issuing advice on how to stay cool – especially for those vulnerable, like the elderly.

Some sought relief in the Champ de Mars fountain near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Saturday. One man who had brought his family said: “The heat’s come all at once and our bodies aren’t necessarily ready. We had planned to come to Paris this weekend so we’ve done that. But spending the whole day outside we’re looking for shade, water and something to keep us refreshed – hence the fountains.”

Though not as high as the temperatures of 43 degrees celsius expected in the south of France, parts of Germany have hit well over 30 degrees and people in Munich are also being careful whilst enjoying the heat.

“Lots to drink of course, lots of sunscreen, sun protection, we won’t stay here too long because it’ll be too much for the children,” said one woman swimming in a lido.

After a damp start to the summer with the wettest June on record, the UK is also finally basking in the sun.

Londoners enjoyed temperatures of over 31 degrees on Saturday. Thermometres recorded 32 degrees in Suffolk in eastern England – making it hotter than parts of southern Spain.