France wildfires threaten tourism on Atlantic coast

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France wildfires threaten tourism on Atlantic coast

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Around 200 firefighters have been deployed to tackle a wildfire close to a popular surfing resort on France’s Atlantic coast.

Around 550 hectares of forest and scrubland were destroyed when the fire broke out on Thursday near the southwestern town of Lacanau.

The area, around 40 kilometres from Bordeaux, is renowned for its large pine forests and three metre waves.

One local resident said she was prepared to leave if the fire worsened.

“The police told us that we would need to evacuate. We got our bags ready. But we’ve waited because the roads were blocked by the fire. It was scary, lots of smoke, really horrible,” she said.

Emergency teams sent four planes to douse the flames.

Two firefighters were injured tackling the blaze.

Officials say the fire is less virulent now but warn that soaring temperatures, set to approach 40 degrees celsius this weekend, may make matters worse.