France boosts police recruitment after Amiens riots

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France boosts police recruitment after Amiens riots

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France has announced its creating 500 extra police and gendarme posts a year from 2013 in the wake of riots in the northern town of Amiens.

The reinforcements will be used notably in the country’s so-called priority security zones, often marginalised and run-down areas.

At least five people have now been arrested over the disturbances. According to local officials, they include one person who is being accused of inciting an armed rebellion.

Two nights of unrest left 17 police officers hurt, some by shotgun pellets. Rioting youths torched dozens of cars, a sports centre and a nursery school.

The violence is believed to have been sparked by a police spot check on the sidelines of a memorial for a young local man who died in a road accident. Some residents blamed heavy handed policing for the disturbance.