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Children from Azaz attack treated in Turkey

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Children from Azaz attack treated in Turkey


Dozens of Syrian children caught up in a government air strike on the town of Azaz are being treated in a hospital just over the border in Turkey.

There was a constant flow of the wounded heading for Kilis hospital throughout the day after the attack according to a Turkish official, who said many were suffering from severe burns.

One injured Syrian, identified only as Omer, said: “There are too many wounded people. And there are still many people trapped under debris who couldn’t be rescued yet.”

Another patient added: “They attacked us with a warplane. Maybe he thought he was fighting Israel but he is killing his people. Lots of people from Azaz died.”

Azaz is controlled by rebels fighting for the overthrow of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. At least 30 people are believed to have been killed in the attack.

Around 15 more are reported to have died from their injuries in the Turkish hospital. With so many still trapped in the rubble and hundreds wounded, it is feared the number of dead from the missile attack will rise still further.

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