Canaries fires still rage

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Canaries fires still rage

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Wildfires are still raging across many parts of Spain, including La Gomera in the Canary Islands, but firefighters say that due to budget cuts of around 20 percent – four million euros – they do not have the staff or equipment to put them out.

More than 326,000 acres of forest have burned this year compared with 98,000 acres last year.

The fire on La Gomera has already burned through around 9,000 acres of land, causing up to 5,000 people to be evacuated, some in complete disarray leaving their cars, clothes and other belongings behind.

The fire in now being brought under control as temperatures drop and the wind changes direction but another fire has now broken out in the Canary Islands, meaning that some firefighting equipment is being redeployed to Tenerife.