Three dead in Texas eviction gunfight

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Three dead in Texas eviction gunfight

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Three people are dead in Texas and another four injured after an eviction order turned into a half-hour gunfight.

Police identified the shooter as Thomas Caffall, 31, who was eventually shot dead by police at his home two blocks from Texas A&M campus, but not before a police officer and a bystander also lay dead.

Colorado, Wisconsin, now Texas. Three gun rampages in America in less than four weeks led to Texas University issuing an emergency alert warning to stay away from the campus, even though students are not due back until late August.

Caffall had a social media page displaying a number of rifles he claimed he had bought, including a Czech assault rifle.

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said “clearly something needed to be done” about what he called “tragedies”, but reiterated he believed it “was not a matter of the weapon used, but of the individual, and choices made.”