Syrian rebels claim victory over downed fighter jet

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Syrian rebels claim victory over downed fighter jet

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Syrian state media continues to insist the downing of one of the regime’s military planes on Monday was due to technical problems and not because it was shot at by rebels.

Video uploaded onto the internet shows a fighter jet on fire before crashing to the ground, bursting into flames as it streaks across the sky

Rebels also released a video of a man they said was the pilot – captured after he ejected from the stricken aircraft. In what appeared to be well orchestrated questions, the man admitted his mission had been to bomb a nearby town.

Although Syrian rebels have claimed several small victories against the regime it is the situation in Aleppo which is causing concern.

After weeks of sustained bombing resident are reportedly holed up in their battered homes unable to get out to find food.

The UN’s humanitarian chief is due in Syria today to discuss how to increase emergency aid to the city.