Suffolk couple celebrate 188 million euro lottery win

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Suffolk couple celebrate 188 million euro lottery win

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The mystery winners of the latest Euromillions lottery have been revealed, and they are a British couple from Suffolk, Adrian and Gillian Byford of Haverhill.

They won over 188 million euros, Britian’s second-biggest lottery win, the result of 14 rollovers of the top prize.

As usual the win came with more than a touch of disbelief.

“I don’t normally check the lottery I must admit. I take them into the terminals to get checked, but I thought ‘I’m going to check them.’ So I did and the first three came up and then I looked at the next two and they came up as well, and then I realised the whole lot was there,” said Adrian Byford.

“Gilly, you really have to look at this he said, so I sort of looked at the numbers, and he was shouting out the numbers and I was going ‘Yeah, yeah…no, you have made a mistake, you have got the wrong date,” said wife Gillian.

The couple have already said they will be spreading the win around the family, with Gillian saying she would like her dream car, the children wanting to visit Disneyland, and Adrian saying he has always wanted to visit the Canadian Rockies by train. Well, now he can.