Morsi's 'revolutionary' army reshuffle in Egypt

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Morsi's 'revolutionary' army reshuffle in Egypt

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Egypt’s new Islamist president has further stamped his authority on the country.

And for much of the national press, Mohammed Morsi’s decision to force two top generals into retirement is nothing less than ‘revolutionary’.

The removal of Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi and chief-of-staff, General Sami Enan took Egypt by surprise.

“From today, the country is no longer under military rule,” said Cairo commuter Badawi Sayed Mahmoud. “Military rule is over and Egypt will become a civilian state in which everyone will be entitled to their rights.”

Another Cairo resident, Ahmed Sayed, was in favour of change but believed it must be slow and controlled.

“They shouldn’t be retired all of a sudden,” he said.

“The Egyptian people must give thanks… because they led the country through gruelling times,” he added, pointing out the pair have been named presidential advisers.

Enan and Tantawi, acting head of state after Hosni Mubarak was toppled last year, have also been awarded Egypt’s highest state honour.

Nonetheless, President Morsi looks firmly in the driving seat. He has also cancelled a decree issued by the military, before his election, which had curbed the powers of the presidency.