Hundreds known to be killed after Iran earthquake

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Hundreds known to be killed after Iran earthquake

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Northwestern Iran and its capital Tabriz are struggling to cope with the aftermath of the weekend’s twin earthquakes.

The number of known dead has now gone over the 300 mark, with well over 3,000 injured.

Hospitals are crammed and working around the clock to deal with the flood of casualties being brought in from the surrounding countryside along shattered roads.

Many have made their way to Tabriz to join city residents who, despite their more solidly-built buildings, are sleeping outside. No-one was injured here but residents remain extremely wary.

“At two in the morning there was another aftershock and I guess 90% of the population fled outdoors, and now it’s the second day people are in the parks,” said one local man.

Around 20 outlying villages were completely destroyed with another 130 severely damaged, along with the towns of Ahar, Haris, and Varzaqan.