Egyptians split as president asserts his authority

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Egyptians split as president asserts his authority

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Egyptians have given a mixed reaction to the surprise decision by President Morsi to choose this moment to assert his power and take on the military.

While some questioned the legitimacy of the move, others approved. Many have been apprehensive of a confrontation fearing further instability or even a military coup.

One man said he felt the president had made the right decision: “It’s a very good step, because this way the he will have authority and power which won’t now be split between the two sides.”

Whereas another was more critical: “This is an illegitimate decision. The Military Council and President Morsi reached an agreement in which the Military Council continues to exist,” he said

Others have speculated that the forced retirement of the two generals actually came with their blessing. There had previously been much debate over the fate of 76-year-old Tantawi who may have been seeking a safe exit from power.