S.Korea-Japan islands dispute reaches London Olympics

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S.Korea-Japan islands dispute reaches London Olympics

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Japan is seeking intervention from the International Court of Justice regarding the long-running dispute with South Korea over islands in disputed waters.

Known as the Takeshima Islands by Japan and the Dokdo by South Korea, Tokyo has tried to use the international court before.

“South Korea has been working to become a ‘Global Korea’. It must respond to our proposal to International Justice Court of Justice in a responsible manner this time,” said Japan’s Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba.

Timed shortly before the anniversary of the end of Japanese colonial rule, South Korea’s President Lee Myung-bak visited the islands last week – in the first ever trip of its kind by a head of state from either country.

The island dispute has made its way halfway across the globe to the London Olympics. For revealing a poster claiming the territory belongs to his country, South Korean footballer Park Jong-woo, 23, will not be allowed to take part in the bronze medal ceremony after his country beat Japan 2-0.