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Syria: Assad names new PM as Iran holds talks over crisis


Syria: Assad names new PM as Iran holds talks over crisis

President Bashar al-Assad has named a new prime minister to replace Syria’s most senior government defector.

Health Minister Wael al-Halki is being promoted after Riyad Hijab fled to Jordan earlier this week -he spent just two months in the job.

Meanwhile, Assad’s closest foreign backer, Iran, has been gathering ministers from like-minded states for talks about how to end the violence in Syria.

Tehran is against any foreign and military

“All of the countries in the region and around the world that are involved in the Syrian crisis, have to accept the reality,” said Ali Akbar Salehi, Iranian Foreign Minister. “The political, geopolitical and population factors mean this crisis can only be solved by internal and political dialogue.”

According to Iran, those invited to the meeting have a “correct and realistic position” on the conflict. But one Western diplomat said it shows Tehran is “running out of ideas.”

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