Gu Kailai murder trial starts in China

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Gu Kailai murder trial starts in China

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The wife of a former prominent Chinese politician has gone on trial charged with murdering a British businessman.

Gu Kailai is accused of poisoning Neil Heywood last year in Chongqing. The two are said to have been business associates.

His body was found in a hotel there in November. His death was registered as a heart attack at the time.

The accused’s husband is Bo Xilai who was the head of the Communist Party in Chongqing at the time.

It was his police chief who four months later fled to a United States consulate and alleged that Heywood had been murdered and that there’d been a cover-up.

Bo Xilai was sacked in March and faces unspecified disciplinary violations. He had once been tipped to become a top party official.

Chinese state media report that his wife Gu Kailai and her son fell out with Heywood over business interests and that she’d come to regard him as a threat to her son’s personal security.

One of her aides is also being charged with the murder.