French police launch Roma camp clear out

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French police launch Roma camp clear out

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French police have moved to clear two illegal Roma camps in the northern city of Lille a day after clearing camps in Paris and Lyon.
Around 240 Roma have been removed and put on a flight to Bucharest after agreeing to return to Romania.
The new Socialist government has come under fire for copying the policies of the previous regime led by Nicolas Sarkozy:

“We have no caravan, so we will have to sleep outside that is not good for the children, they have no clothes,” said one Roma mother.

Interior Minister Manuel Valls said that unsanitary camps were “unacceptable” and posed a problem to the working class communities where they were set up.

“Fires, theft, punctured tyres, things will be easier for us now.” said a local resident.

Those opposed to the “expulsions in disguise” feel betrayed by the new president:

“Francois Hollande made a commitment in a letter to Roma Europe, which said no expulsions without solutions…there you go…a broken promise.”

Each adult Roma has been offered 300 euros to leave, a waste of money claim campaigners who say they many of the Roma will simply return to France.