Syria: Battle for Aleppo still rages

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Syria: Battle for Aleppo still rages

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Rebel opposition fighters in Aleppo claim they’re still in control of more than half of the city.

A Free Syrian Army spokesman said that despite being heavily reinforced with soldiers regime troops have been prevented from entering the key western district of Salaheddin.

As always it’s not possible to verify all the claims and counter-claims but images coming out of the area do appear to show fierce fighting contiuning, and of course the heavy damage inflicted.

Although there are still signs of normal day-to-day life in the Aleppo many people are reported have fled to outlying districts and nearby towns to the north, where conditions are less dangerous and more bearable.

Kafar Hamra is about ten kilometres outside the city. People fleeing the violence have turned the local junior school into a refugee camp. Many of them have arrived in the past few days.