Syria's future could be determined this week, say regime supporters

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Syria's future could be determined this week, say regime supporters

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Euronews correspondent Bora Bayraktar is in the Syrian capital Damascus. He described the situation on the ground, in the wake of the country’s prime minister defecting and Monday’s explosion at the state television building.

“When I came to Damascus before, there were no checkpoints. But now, between the airport and the city centre, there are soldiers everywhere,” he said.

“When you’re entering the city, cars are being stopped and controlled. After Syrian television was attacked yesterday, security has been stepped up. The conflict, vıolence and the atmosphere of war hasn’t been felt as much in Damascus, but now that situation is changing.

“Syrians are questioning whether the regime will continue or not. But you know, Damascus is the city where the Assad regime is the most powerful. That perception is still here.

“In the suburbs of the city, the conflict still continues. Last night, for example, I heard a lot of gunfire and bombings, from the hotel where I am staying.

“Syrians, who are pro-Assad, think this week will determine the future. They think the Syrian army will attack Aleppo and, during this attack, the rebels will be beaten. If this happens, it seems the Assad regime will maintain power. But if not, supporters may change their views and stop backing the regime.”