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Police move in on Occupy Frankfurt camp

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Police move in on Occupy Frankfurt camp


Police have cleared anti-capitalist protesters from the Occupy Frankfurt camp set up 10 months ago.

While some left voluntarily, others had to be forcibly moved, some still carrying their possessions.

The site had been chosen by protesters because it is next to the European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters.

It was cleared following a court decision upholding the city’s right to enforce a no-camping rule on publicly-owned parkland.

The right to hold rallies on the square between the ECB and the Opera House remains but city officials argue that tents are not a means of protest.

“The crisis is getting worse in Germany,” chanted the protesters as they were being removed. “We’ll continue our protest and put up new tents.”

Activists argue that they have been protesting all along, not simply camping.

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