Millions of euros promised for Syrian refugee camps

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Millions of euros promised for Syrian refugee camps

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Britain and America say they have pledged millions of euros to help Syrian refugees.

Washington’s commitment totals 50 million, while London will pay an additional 12 million euros in a sign that officials are expecting to see a dramatic increase in those fleeing the fighting.

Jordan says it’s rushing to improve living standards for refugees on its territory after complaints about conditions.

“We will have mobile, ready-made, buildings that will replace these tents because of the dust and the wind. We want to provide every comfort possible and every service that is needed, to the Syrian refugees,” said Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh.

The Zataari camp is 11 kilometres from Jordan’s northern border with Syria. It currently hosts more than 10,000 people.

Western diplomats touring the site were told there are plans to expand the camp to house more than 150,000 refugees.

France is to send medical and military surgery teams to Jordan. President Francois Hollande has told officials to have the facilities ready by the end of the week.

Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius will travel to the region next week specifically to assess the needs of refugees, his office says.