Europeans dream of record 190 million lotto jackpot

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Europeans dream of record 190 million lotto jackpot

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190 million euros!

That is the record jackpot on offer in tonight’s EuroMillions lottery- enough to spark anyone’s wildest dreams.

But for the crisis-hit people of cash-strapped Spain, luxury holidays and a fleet of flash cars don’t seem to be at the top of the wish list.

For pensioner Dolores Sanz Gonzalez, 66, in Madrid, it is too much money for one.

“I would hope that I would really help many people. I know a lot who are jobless,” she said.

“Mainly I would help my family and myself with all these things that are going wrong,” said Matilde Diaz, 56, also in the Spanish capital.

She has one unemployed son and another with only three hours of work a week.

“It is a huge responsibility to have so much money. I would try to do something not only for me, but also for others.”

The record 190 million euros is up for grabs because, in 13 draws, no-one has won the jackpot on the pan-European lottery. Players across nine countries are hoping to strike gold and change their lives forever in tonight’s big rollover – nowhere more so than in Spain.