Europe sizzles in summer heatwave

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Europe sizzles in summer heatwave

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When in Rome…be sure to have a parasol!

Some shade and cooling water in the city’s fountains were just the ticket as temperatures hit a sizzling 37 degrees on Tuesday.

In Sicily, it was even stickier, at 44 degrees! No wonder those on the move are having to adapt their schedule.

“I try to avoid travelling in the hottest hours of the day,” said Giorgio D’Avolio, visiting the Eternal City from Reggio Emilia in northern Italy. “Fortunately, there is enough shade and lots of fountains. You do what you can…”

Greece is also feeling the heat – in more ways than one. Struggling with financial woes, it is now sweltering in tropical temperatures, with no let-up expected until Friday.

Serbia may not spring to mind when thinking of hot countries but there, too, Europe’s heatwave has sent the mercury soaring to 46 degrees in places.

But the flip side of a long, hot summer is drought which has taken its toll in Romania and Croatia. There, too, water is precious – and farmers’ fields dry. Another big risk is heatstroke with emergency services being kept busy.