Aleppo: Living in a city at the core of a conflict

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Aleppo: Living in a city at the core of a conflict

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As the violence continues in Aleppo, life for those who live in Syria’s second city is becoming more and more difficult by the day.

Residents are queuing for at least three hours just to buy bread.

With Aleppo now at the heart of the conflict, some people have up and left. But many more remain in what is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Rebels have seized several neighbourhoods and the regime has struggled to dislodge them.

With armed government troops shelling the city, the few working hospitals are busy. Doctors say they fear for their lives.

“If the government knows any doctors that are working here, they will kill them,” said one medic, who did not give his name.

Asked why he continued working, the doctor replied: “Because humanity is above all this.”

President Bashar al-Assad has said what happens in Aleppo will determine Syria’s fate. According to one pro-regime newspaper, the Syrian army is bracing itself for a “decisive battle.”