Turkish military retires jailed 'coup plot' generals

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Turkish military retires jailed 'coup plot' generals

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Turkey’s military has retired 40 generals and admirals currently in jail on charges of plotting against the government.

They are among a group of 55 of the army’s top brass being dismissed through retirement. The decision was taken at the end of a meeting of the Supreme Military Council.

The move is being seen as a sign of greater civilian control of the once all-powerful army. A year ago four top commanders resigned in protest at the arrests of hundreds of officers in connection with alleged plots.

All this comes as Turkey faces several military challenges.

The army is still battling Kurdish separatists in the south-east. Troops and weapons have been deployed along its border after Syria shot down a Turkish plane over the Mediterranean in June.

Some analysts have questioned whether the country’s defences are adequately prepared with so many senior officers in jail.

Dozens of colonels have been promoted to replace the retired generals and admirals.