Palestinians send aid to Palestinian refugees in Syria

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Palestinians send aid to Palestinian refugees in Syria

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Usually news reports are about aid heading to the Palestinian territories. On Sunday a convoy of lorries left the West Bank travelling towards Syria, to bring food and medicine to Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was there to oversee the departure of the consignment.

Donations worth more than half a million euros have been made by businesses and individuals during the charitable month of Ramadan.

“Today the first convoy wil leave from here, from the West Bank, from Palestinian soil towards Syria. Soon we’ll have more trucks from the West Bank and Palestinian land,” said the president.

The lorries were due to drive to neighbouring Jordan before heading for Damascus, via the UN’s Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees.

In the Syrian capital United Nations observers have been out on patrol in the district of Al-Yarmouk, one of the main areas where Palestinian refugees live.

The monitors met refugees and were shown damage to the local police station which has been the scene of heavy fighting.

Human Rights Watch has reported that Palestinians are among hundreds of people detained by Syrian forces.