Gunman in US kills six and wounds three at Sikh temple

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Gunman in US kills six and wounds three at Sikh temple

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Just over two weeks since the Colorado cinema shootings and America is grieving again. This time for six people shot dead and three critically wounded at a Sikh temple in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It happened on Sunday morning in Oak Creek. Four people were gunned down inside the temple and three outside, including the gunman who was shot by police.

John Edwards, Oak Creek Police Chief said: “Our officers responded to the scene, found a victim and were dealing with that individual when our officer, a 20-year veteran, was ambushed and shot multiple times”.

The wounded officer was taken to hospital and is expected to survive. Two other victims are being treated and were described as critical.

Outside some of the worshippers spoke to reporters.

“Some people walked in and started shooting”, said one man. “There were little kids who started screaming that there was gunfire going on, and the ladies and the kids hid in the closet”.

Another added: “Every Sunday we have church ceremony at the church, peaceful. I was just devastated”.

Officials say they have no known motive as yet but are treating the incident as possible “domestic terrorism”.

President Barack Obama said he’s deeply saddened by the killings and pledged a full investigation.