Syria: Government claims victory in battle for Damascus

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Syria: Government claims victory in battle for Damascus

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The Syrian army is claiming that it has regained full control of the capital Damascus from the forces of the Free Syrian Army rebels.

Since July 15, the rebels have taken their fight against President Assad to his doorstep.

However, as the capital was being brought back into line, a bus carrying 48 Iranian pilgrims was hijacked by what the Syrian government called armed terrorists.

As the Syrian army returned in force, it uncovered what it described as mass graves, blaming the opposition for the indiscriminate killing of civilians and government forces.

In the country’s business capital Aleppo, the battle still rages on. Here the rebels insist they control half of the city, and planes, artillery and helicopters are being used by the regime for the heavy bombardment of their positions. Eyewitnesses say this is the worst the violence has been in 16 months of revolt.

While fighting is far from easy, looking after the wounded is proving to be even more of a problem – one which Aleppo’s doctors and medical facilities are struggling to cope with.