US-style food trucks please Parisian palates

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US-style food trucks please Parisian palates

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France is well known for its gastronomic heritage. But it seems in the capital, Parisians are hungry for something new to tantalise their taste buds.

US-style food trucks, selling restaurant-quality hamburgers and tacos, are proving to be a big hit.

“After my studies, here in France, I worked sometimes in high gastronomic restaurants, fine dining, in the kitchen and after that, when I returned to Los Angeles, it was that moment when there is already plenty of food trucks in Los Angeles, doing very well, doing interesting things. Then I decided: why not in Paris?” said Kristin Frederick, owner of ‘Le Camion Qui Fume.’

Truck chefs use organic ingredients sourced in France, to deliver their all-American menu.

euronews correspodent Giovanni Magi, in the French capital, said: “American chefs had aleady arrived in Paris, working in some hip restaurants. It’s clear that overseas food is not only winning the palates of the experts, but also those of the general public.”