'Tax the rich' says Germany's Scrooge McDuck

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'Tax the rich' says Germany's Scrooge McDuck

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In the original Walt Disney cartoons, Donald Duck’s wealthy grandfather Scrooge had a slight Scottish accent.

In 2012 he has become German – at least for a group of protesters calling for higher taxes for the rich in front of the chancellery in Berlin.

One dressed up as Scrooge, squatting amid a huge pile of fake gold and caressing his treasure.

The demonstrators’ message was clear: they believe the country’s well-off have it too good at a time of austerity.

“Social inequality between poor and rich in this country has increased immensely. This poisons democracy, it undermines solidarity. And we need more money for investment in education, in public transport, healthcare. For that we must distribute the wealth of this country and we demand a tax on wealth,” said Christoph Bautz of the online network Campact.

Angela Merkel is on holiday, and was not there to see the German Scrooge McDuck dish out his fake gold, to cheers from the protesters.

The German authorities have been known to take on the rich, reportedly paying for information on tax evaders.

A recent international report claimed a wealthy global elite have the equivalent of 17 trillion euros stashed away in tax havens.