Syrian clashes continue as citizens flee

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Syrian clashes continue as citizens flee

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There are reports of intensive fighting continuing across Syria with opposition forces claiming that at least 80 people were killed on Friday.

It is claimed 21 of the victims died when mortars hit a Palestinian refugee camp in the capital Damascus.

The country’s second city Aleppo came under bombardment again by the Syrian government forces.

As ever video cannot be independently verified but latest images appear to show a chaotic situation in the ground in the city.

Meanwhile Armenians from a long-established community in Aleppo have been fleeing back to Armenia.

“Don’t believe what they tell you on TV”, said one man. “Terrorists are using force against people and the government is cleansing them.”

“Our plight is terrible”, another man added. “If it is God’s will, everything will be better in a week or two. We’re hopeful that things will be better in two weeks.”

But judging by the amount of luggage some of the passengers were bringing with them they could be in Armenia for a lot longer than two weeks.