London Olympics: Souvenir sales booming

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London Olympics: Souvenir sales booming

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The Olympics may be discouraging regular tourists from coming to London, but for shops selling official Games merchandise, business is booming.

Thousands of extra customers are said to be flooding into one department store in the capital, keen to get their hands on a souvenir or two.

“It’s very exciting really. We’re very proud to be the department store provider for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and it’s helping our trade,” said shop manager Seb Blevings.

British success at the Games may also be helping to boost sales, as Olympic fever grips the capital.

“Well it is part of the history of the country isn’t it, putting on the Games. I am very proud to be British, looking around London and seeing what it is like and I want to retain things that remind me of it for the future,” said one souvenir shopper.

Another customer, buying an Olympic coffee mug, added: “My coffee is going to be in that mug. Being as I live in London, it is not much of a souvenir, but I can always remember it. I get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, London 2012.”

euronews correspondent Ali Shiekholeslami, in the capital, said: “There may be less tourists in London because of the Olympics, but the official merchandise for the Games is selling really well, partly thanks to Wenlock (Olympic mascot).”

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