Claims of atrocities from both sides in Syria

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Claims of atrocities from both sides in Syria

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Video purportedly coming from the Syrian capital Damascus shows what opposition groups say is the result of shelling by government forces. They claim up 50 people, mainly civilians, were killed on Wednesday in a suburb.

There are claims of atrocities on both sides although reports are almost impossible to independently verify.

Rebels still appear to be in control of large parts of the Syrian city of Aleppo despite claims by the government that they’ve suffered heavy losses.

The UN is reporting that the opposition forces now have some heavy weaponry including tanks and helicopters, possibly taken from the Syrian army. It is urging both side to show utmost restraint.

Activists say at least a 135 people were killed across the country on Wednesday.

Video emerging from Aleppo shows the rebel opposition mounting roadblocks. The city has seen some of the most intense fighting since the government launched an assault last month.

Meanwhile the White House has declined to comment on a report that the president Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing US support for the rebels. Precisely what sort of support wasn’t explained.