Afghan forces prevent Kabul 'suicide attack'

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Afghan forces prevent Kabul 'suicide attack'

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Afghanistan says it has thwarted a major suicide attack on the capital Kabul.

Security forces killed five insurgents and wounded another in a pre-dawn raid on the outskirts of the city.

Authorities claim they have discovered intelligence pointing to the militant Haqqani network. The Pakistan-based group has been blamed for several high profile attacks in the country.

An unnamed spokesman from the Afghan National Directorate of Security said: “The enemies of Afghanistan wanted to launch a suicide attack on the capital Kabul using three vehicles and wearing burqas.

“They wanted to bring misery to our people for the Holy Month of Ramadan. But fortunately, before reaching the target, they were all killed.”

The Afghan intelligence agency discovered rocket propelled grenades and automatic weapons at a house which the insurgents were apparently using as a base.

It is thought the militants planned to occupy a high-rise building in the city’s business district.

Police say two other insurgents escaped during a five-hour gun battle.