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Whatever happened to the supermodels?


Whatever happened to the supermodels?

Successful supermodels from the 1940’s through to the 1980’s have teamed up to share their personal careers and beauty stories in the new HBO documentary “About Face: Supermodels Then and Now.”

The film has interviews with some of the 20th century’s most celebrated models. Names like Christie Brinkley, Isabella Rossellini and Jerry Hall.

The film’s director, Timothy Greenfield-Sanders told euronews: “‘About Face’ started out because I went to a party. I walked into a party, a Facebook party for (19)70’s and (19)80’s Supermodels that my friend was giving and I looked around the room and saw these gorgeous women and thought, Geez, that’s a photo or something. No one’s shot them in a while, it would be an interesting group shot. And as I got to know them I thought, Oh, this is obviously a film. This has got to be more than just a portrait.”

China Machado, a former model, talked about being seen as different during her modelling days: “I didn’t really realise that I was the first non-caucasian (model.) I mean I thought I was pretty normal. I mean a little bit exotic, but that was it. There was no racial thing in France at all. I left, I went back to Paris and I didn’t realise that Harper’s Bazaar’s publisher didn’t want to publish my pictures because he thought subscribers in the south would all cancel.”

Former model Kim Alexis said: “I think that it helps in the documentary that people see that it’s not all glamour and that sometimes people telling you you’re beautiful all the time can really be detrimental and that you have to work through a lot of things on your own self to figure out what really makes me important and it’s not this outside. That’s gonna go away. So you have to find something on the inside that makes you feel good about why you were put here on this earth and it’s not just to be another pretty face.”

‘About Face: Supermodels Then and Now’ premieres on Monday, 30th of July on HBO.

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