Ponta calls on Basescu to step down

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Ponta calls on Basescu to step down

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Despite initial estimates suggesting Romania’s President Triane Basescu had escaped impeachment in the country’s referendum his political foe, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, immediately called on him to step down.

Speaking after polls closed, Ponta declared the overwhelming majority of Romanians, who had voted to remove Basescu, could not be ignored.

“First I want, as Prime minister, to thank the millions of Romanians who voted. Second, I want to say that it’s a huge victory for the Romanian people, and I want to say that a politician can’t ignore the votes of 9 million people, or it’s a politician out of reality. And reality is always above all of us,” Romania’s Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared.

Early signs suggest around 85 percent of those who took part in the referendum voted to oust the president.

While Basesu looks set to keep his job, official results have a margin effor of three percent and do not include those voting abroad. That means the final turnout figures could still make the outcome a close call.