Iran warns of 'illusion' of Syria power transition

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Iran warns of 'illusion' of Syria power transition

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Iran has warned other middle eastern countries of dangerous consequences should the Syrian government fall from power.

Meeting his counterpart from Damascus in Tehran, Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said the idea of a managed transition of power was an “illusion” – and other nations were wrong to back Syrian rebels.

“We hope the countries in the region will open their eyes and think about the consequences of what they are doing. If they take a step in the wrong direction and carry on down that path the consequences will have an impact them as well,” he told a news conference.

The ramifications would be dire, he added.

Iran is a rare ally for Syria, which has been trying to drum up support in the face of international condemnation over its crackdown on the uprising.

Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem accused Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – as well as other countries further afield – of prolonging the conflict by supporting the rebels and supplying them with arms.

Some independent observers say countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funding Syria’s opposition, boosting the rebels in the field.

One report said Turkey and Jordan were planning for possible intervention, amid fears that Syrian chemical weapons might fall into the wrong hands.