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  • Ukraine: Up to five ‘insurgents’ killed at Sloviansk, ministry of interior tells AFP
  • Libya is facing a ‘severe challenge’ from increased extremist violence, says U.S. deputy secretary of state William Burns
  • Spain’s unemployment rate falls to 25.73%, reports AFP
  • Ukraine says no need for currency intervention and that it expects no problems with 2014 debt payments (Reuters)
  • Ukrainian troops take control of a checkpoint north of Slaviansk after pro-Russian separatists appeared to abandon the post (Reuters)

On the eve of the Olympics, London’s black cab drivers have staged a demonstration as part of their continuing fight to be allowed to use the specially designated Olympic road lanes, which are designed to allow competitors and officials to move around London without getting into traffic jams. Hyde Park Corner came to a virtual standstill durng the protest.

After half an hour, the police funnelled traffic away from the area. Transport for London has already admitted that road traffic is likely to be substantially disturbed during the games and is advising everyone to use public transport when at all possible.

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