Brewery reproduces beer from 1908 London Olympics

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Brewery reproduces beer from 1908 London Olympics

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The Olympics always sparks a nostalgic taste for Games gone by.

A north London brewery has recreated a beer it says was popular in the year the British capital first hosted the event.

Deep in dusty archives an old recipe was found. Bound in a leather book, the brewer’s record dated from 104 years ago.

“What makes the ‘Camden 1908’ special is that we’ve taken this old recipe, we’ve looked at it, we worked out what the ingredients would’ve been like and we found the modern alternatives to them,” said Camden Town Brewery’s communications manager Mark Dredge.

“We looked at old hops and we found English hops and we also found that it used American hops, which most drinkers think is a modern thing, but it’s actually been happening for a couple of hundred years.”

The White City games bore little resemblance to the 2012 extravaganza. The organising committee’s budget was less than 20,000 euros.

But the beer is a reminder that not everything has changed since 1908. Camden Town Brewery has produced hundreds of limited edition bottles for the opening ceremony.

London’s pubs overall are anticipating a beer drinking bonanza over the Olympic fortnight.