All eyes on London for Olympic opening ceremony

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All eyes on London for Olympic opening ceremony

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Excitement is building ahead of a grand Olympic opening set to celebrate host country Britain in music, dance and fireworks.

A global TV audience of more than a billion will join the tens of thousands in the main stadium to watch an exuberant and eccentric extravaganza.

Olympic volunteers like Charlotte Howle, who is working at the basketball arena, can’t wait.

“It is amazing. It is really good,” she said. “It is kind of a lot to take in…but it’s amazing, really pretty.”

Many helpers will have to settle for watching the show at home. But they still turned out to give a hand with final preparations.

“I have been travelling up and down to London, to get the train,” said Richard Bowyer, a volunteer in the volleyball arena. “It is a great atmosphere. Everybody is doing a great job. They have really organised it well and I am really happy to be here, really looking forward to the ceremony tonight which I will watch on television.”

The three-hour performance is the brainchild of Oscar-winning Danny Boyle, who brought us ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ It’s in a run-down part of east London that the main Olympic stadium has risen up into the skyline. Its moment of glory is almost here.