London Olympics get underway - in Cardiff

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London Olympics get underway - in Cardiff

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The London 2012 Olympics have got underway… in Cardiff.

Two days before the opening ceremony New Zealand and Great Britain supporters descended on the Welsh capital for the opening match of the women’s football tournament.

London it was not, but that didn’t seem to matter:

“Beforehand I would have said it did matter, but not now we’re here. I think the buzz around the stadium is incredible and just the general mingling of people is amazing,” said a New Zealand supporter.

For a British family it was good to be part of the fun:

“ We were hoping for opening ceremony ticket which we couldn’t get. But since this is the actual proper first event of the Olympics we are just pleased to be part of the experience.”

The football tournament started early because of the number of matches.

On the whole things went well apart from long queues due to security checks.

For the record, Britain beat New Zealand 1-0.