'The Watch' opens in Los Angeles

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'The Watch' opens in Los Angeles

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Funnymen Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Vince Vaughn strolled down the red carpet for the premiere of their newest comedy film ‘The Watch’ on Monday.

The film also marks British comedian Richard Ayoade’s acting debut in a lead role.

‘The Watch’ follows four ordinary guys who form a neighborhood watch and unknowingly stumble upon an extraterrestrial invasion in their own neighborhood.

Ben Stiller spoke to euronews about mixing aliens with ordinary suburbia: “The movie? It was a really funny script. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg wrote this great script. Obviously Seth is an extremely talented actor and writer. To do a movie that had this genre, but an ‘R’ rating where you can really go for it and have some jokes you wouldn’t necessarily see in this kind of thing. It just felt a little different.”

Vince Vaughn told us: “What I think is interesting with this film is, it has a supernatural element, which happens to be aliens. And what we haven’t seen before is that done in a comedic tone. So, it’s really kind of a mash-up of two different genres and the script and the movie I think do it really well. Audiences have really loved the film and the response has been really great and I think part of that is because it’s kind of fresh, you haven’t really seen those kinds of things put together in this way before.”

After the movie theatre mass shooting in Colorado during the premiere of a Batman film last week, the debate about gun control was inevitably back in the spotlight.

Actress Rosemarie DeWitt shared her views with euronews on the gun control debate in the US: “I just think we need to have more conversations about gun control, serious conversations, and there is no more time not to adress this issue because little babies are not safe in our country, so we should be really worried.”

‘The Watch’ hits US theatres on 27 July and opens in Europe from August.

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