Stowaway boy flys to Rome without passport, boarding card or cash

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Stowaway boy flys to Rome without passport, boarding card or cash

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An 11-year-boy successfully boarded a flight from Manchester Airport to Rome without a passport, boarding card or money.

Liam Corcoran went through five security checks to join the Jet 2 flight unaccompanied.

Russel Craig from Manchester Airport tried to deflect the seriousness of the security breech:

“Now if you think about what security is like at this time of year: there are lots of families travelling on holiday. An 11-year-old boy turns up; he’s very confident, he’s mingled with other families, presented himself to security. He wasn’t carrying any kind of threat object, he didn’t jump a fence, break through a door. So he was no threat to passengers, staff or to the aircraft”.

The captain was alerted to the stowaway as fellow passengers became concerned as the flight headed for Rome.

Back in Manchester travellers expressed concern at the ease at which airport security was bypassed:

“Now you’ve got to go through so many security checks. How has it happened? It’s terrible,” said one woman, while another thought it was bad timing:

“Quite frankly so close to the Olympics.Security needs to be of paramount importance.”

Liam flew back on the return flight to be greeted at Manchester airport by his relieved mother.