New round of talks begin with Iran over nuclear row

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New round of talks begin with Iran over nuclear row

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A second round of low level talks on Iran’s nuclear programme began on Tuesday at a secret location in Turkey. World powers are trying to persuade Tehran to stop enriching uranium.

Despite previous meetings, Iran has refused to curtail its nuclear research which the West and Israel say is a cover for building an atomic bomb.

But this time Iranian analysts such as Amir Mousavi detect signs of movement.

“If the three sets of sanctions (the ones imposed by the UN Security Council, US and the European Union) are removed based on a timetable, I think all the other matters could be discussed and I don’t think that the Islamic Republic would be unwilling to do what they (the West) want.”

Pressure is growing on Tehran from ordinary Iranians who blame their leaders and international sanctions for a deteriorating economy and accelerating inflation.

Although Iran maintains it has a right to nuclear development, protests over rising food prices are becoming more common.