London transport worries as Olympic road lanes open

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London transport worries as Olympic road lanes open

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Road lanes reserved for Olympic traffic open in and around London today, and this could mean fines and delays for motorists in the capital.

Restrictions apply to round fifty kilometres of road, with only Olympic athletes, officials and VIPs allowed to use them. Ordinary drivers face penalty charges of close to a hundred and seventy euros for straying into them.

Travellers are being told to allow extra journey time on roads and trains, which are beginning to feel the impact of increased numbers.

“We were just on the Tube from Heathrow and it was really hot. They said that we should get on the train that was there because there might not be another one running, that they’ve been having a lot of train issues with it,” said two tourists who had just arrived from Arizona in the US.

The world’s oldest, urban underground railway system and the capital’s roads are bound to be affected by the anticipated extra four million people in London for the Olympics this summer, according to LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe.

“You know, folks – go figure. When you get millions of people coming to your city, and you’ve got 17,000 athletes, and they’re all wanting the position of timing, and you’ve got all the things to think about, not only them but when the Games intersect with people – it’s going to be busy, enjoy it – it’s an Olympic Games,” he said.