Europe's wildfires: Firefighting efforts pay off

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Europe's wildfires: Firefighting efforts pay off

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Smoke has replaced flames in the skies of Catalonia, as a deadly wildfire in northeast Spain finally looks to have been tamed.

More favourable weather conditions have helped fire crews get on top of the blaze that left a trail of destruction in the border area with France.

A discarded cigarette butt is thought to be responsible. Four people were killed.

“This place was amazing, people loved it. It’s over,” said campsite owner Mercedes Gonzalez, looking around at what was left of her business.

Up to 15 people have cancelled their bookings for this weekend, lamented rural hotel manager Marc Lledo. “We were going to be 80 per cent full in August.”

Elsewhere, a wildfire that threatened tourist sites and homes on Croatia’s northern Adriatic coast has now been brought under control. The blaze began on Monday and spread rapidly due to strong winds.

While no casualties were reported, holiday hopes were dashed for 1,400 mostly Slovenian and Austrian tourists, who were among those who had to evacuate the disaster zone.