Breaking Borders

For some 400 million Europeans the Schengen Treaty means they don’t need to pack a passport when travelling within the 26-nation Schengen Zone


Olympics boost for Eurostar

London’s Olympic Games is proving a godsend for travel companies suffering a decline in business customers as a result of the economic crisis


Spain feels the debt heat

As Spain’s borrowing costs pushed it closer to needing a bailout, the country’s economy minister Luis de Guindos has been asking for help from his


Korea's Kim Jong-un is married

North Korea’s new young leader is married, state media has confirmed. Commenting images of Kim Jong-un visiting a children’s playgroup, the


More woes for Peugeot Citroen

Europe’s second biggest car maker has posted losses of 819 million euros for the first half of the year – almost four times as much as experts had


UK economic slump worsens

Britain’s economy sank far deeper into recession than expected in the second quarter of the year. GDP fell 0.7 percent compared with the first


Crunch time for Greece

Experts say Athens is nearly out of money and could be broke as early as August 20. The European Commission has said that an intermediate way will


Turkey closes border with Syria

All of Turkey’s borders with Syria will be closed on Wednesday, according a Turkish television report which quoted the country’s Customs and Trade